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Light Jet Aircraft

Ideal for short trips of 1500 miles or less, the light jet or micro jet is a lightweight aircraft equipped with pressurized cabins and numerous amenities for passengers.

Flying at significantly higher altitudes than turboprops, light jets have quiet engines ensuring a comfortable flight for passengers. Carrying up to 8 passengers, light jets cruise between 400 to 560 mph and can operate from runways as short as 3,000 feet. Popular as air taxis in Canada and the United States, light jets can fly a range of 1,500 miles nonstop and have lower operating costs than conventional jets, while still offering convenience, speed, and comfort.

Travel by light jet is also more economical than via a conventional jet while also reaching many smaller destinations. New models feature advanced avionics, elegant interiors, and amenities for passengers. Known for their quiet engines and high fuel efficiency, light jets also have a lower environmental impact. Recent innovations have provided exceptional thrust and jet power while maintaining superior control and comfort.

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