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Ideal for both transcontinental and transoceanic flights, super mid size jets are some of the finest executive airplanes that offer both superior performance and luxurious amenities while traveling to smaller airports and airstrips than conventional airlines. Equipped for long range flights with a spacious galley, lavatory, dressing area, and pressurized cabins and baggage compartments, super mid size jets also offer in flight entertainment, gourmet catering, and satellite telecommunications. Seats recline, pivot, and swivel, while offering more legroom and individual seat monitors. Enjoy traveling and working in style and comfort with super mid size jets.

Cruising at 530 mph on average with a nonstop range over 4,000 miles, super mid size jets have roomier cabins than typical mid size aircraft and can seat up to 13 passengers. Super mid size jets are preferred among many executives who travel from coast to coast or from one continent to the next and want to travel comfortably with full amenities of a working office, without dealing with the hassles of modern day airport check in procedures and delays. Super mid size jets function best for flights up to 6 hours in length.

Spaciously designed, super mid size jets have larger cabins a little over six feet in height, twenty to thirty-one feet in length, and between five and eight feet in width. Many cabins feature fine quality hardwood interiors and finishes. Super mid size jets are some of the fastest business jets with the perfect blend of speed, high altitude support, comfort, and range. Super mid size jets are capable of traveling to and from remote and smaller runways and airfields, as well as open seas and isolated stretches of land. Super mid size jets enable you to travel in comfort and to keep working on board until you reach your final destination.

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