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Falcon - Private Jets
Passenger Capacity 9 Lavotory Style Full
Air Speed(MPH) 480 Range 3528
Cabin Width 6.1 Cabin Height 5.8
Cabin Length 23.5 Baggage Capacity 115 ft 2

The Falcon 50 was developed to enter the increasing transcontinental and transatlantic business jet market in the late 1970's. It combined the fuselage of the 20/200 with a new supercritical wing and added a third engine. It is recognizable by its low/swept wing and three very noticeable rear fuselage mounted engines. The tail has the recognizable number two engine at its base, swept tailfin and low-mounted swept tailplane. Each side of the fuselage has 7 cabin windows. The 50 carries up to 9 passengers and has a 2 man flight crew. The Falcon 50 cruises at speeds up to 480 knots and has a range of 3528 nautical miles.

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